Home Agents Realtors ‘Starter residence’ is outdated vocabulary, here is what to say as an alternative

‘Starter residence’ is outdated vocabulary, here is what to say as an alternative

‘Starter residence’ is outdated vocabulary, here is what to say as an alternative


Collins English Dictionary defines a starter residence as a “small, new home which is affordable sufficient for people who find themselves shopping for their first residence to afford.” You received’t discover the phrase too typically outdoors of the true property trade.

There isn’t a lot concerning the etymology of the phrase, however almost certainly, it’s a advertising and marketing ploy to get folks to purchase into the concept of buying one other residence in just a few years.

Grind your gears

Mark Greutman, husband to Lauren Greutman, believes that the time period “starter residence” ought to trouble folks. The phrase implies that you’ll improve later.

Your starter residence isn’t adequate for the remainder of your life. And to not get into how effectively People have it, what about individuals who won’t ever be capable of afford something extra? Is it an insult to them?

Do you really want two residing rooms?

Older generations purchased one residence and lived in it till they may not be unbiased. In as we speak’s world, we purchase a starter residence, then improve to have more room, to stay farther away from our neighbors, to have rooms which are solely used a couple of times a yr, and to be sure you have a 2 or 3 automobile storage to carry your automobiles and extra stuff, a few of which isn’t taken out fairly often.

However think about this: You would repay your starter residence in 15 to twenty years, when you funds proper.

You would be out from underneath a mortgage and have cash to journey, ship the children to varsity, and even retire early. When you consider what led to the monetary disaster in 2008, isn’t it higher to have a smaller home the place you can also make the funds than fear about dropping your own home?

Be content material the place you might be

Realtors are motivated to guarantee that they’ve clients. If folks purchase one residence with the intent to remain, will the market dry up? In all probability not, as a result of folks transfer and a brand new era will probably be able to buy properties for their very own household.

Let’s take into consideration that phrase, “starter residence.” It fuels consumerism and discontentment. Don’t name cheaper homes starter properties, however only a residence.


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